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About Us

ZooBabies offer personalised and customised cute and fun animal related tees that will help you and your little ones look stunning, while at the same time educating them about animals.


Our aim is to raise awareness about nature to children and the threats posed to the future of many animal species. As a company committed to nature, we not only proactively strive to be as environment friendly and ethically responsible as possible, but we are also known for our creative and unique products that have earned praises from our valued customers.


In essence, we have in our stable, family tees, kids tees, maternity tee, baby rompers, myColor Tee, It's my pouch and many more other products that is perfect for the first birthday parties, baby showers, photo shoot events, baby shower gifts, anniversaries, family outings, holiday, essential wear and much more. 

We can customise to meet your needs. Just tell us what design you want and we can print it for you without any minimum quantity.


All our tees are made of ZooBabies signature interlock cotton was designed to withstand shrinkage while preserving its premium quality. Its results in the fabric soft. We give full attention to every single detail and comfort is key to our style for everyday wear.


We carry the ever-popular “Wild Republic” range of soft toys renowned for their non-toxic & high-standard toys. In addition, we also offer other complementary products such as baby and kids essentials, 100% handpicked designs tutus, party dresses and accessories by Tutus and Tux, the baby kimono romper by Haha no yume inspired by wabi-sabi わびさび –  pure minimalism and rustic simplicity and many more.

We would also like to share with you that, part of our profits are donated annually to animal support charities and autistic kids centers. These organisations are free to use the funds in the way they consider important to protect and create a better living for them.


Along this line, we are always open to collaborate with such charities and centers.  If you are interested, just contact us and tell us what are you thinking, maybe we can help you!

"When you care about something through and through, it becomes your responsibility to act out of awareness to protect it."


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Retail Opportunity  


Zoobabies supplies to theme parks, departmental stores and bookstores. Our current initiative is to increase retail productivity and maximize sales opportunities by implementing innovative retail initiatives. Hence, we are now inviting retailers and chain stores to carry our range of products.


We will provide a seamless platform to create sales on demand at your stores.  You need not hold excessive stocks.  Only a small space with a power outlet are required. Do contact us for more details.

For corporate clients, we are able to support your brand with our customized range of products. In addition, clients can complement and enhance their marketing campaigns and corporate identity by bundling with our products.


The First Collaboration


We are proud to collaborate with Shark Savers Malaysia as our first campaign beneficiary. Custom-made SSM tees will be released for sale on ZooBabies website to support Shark Savers Malaysia in their continuing efforts to save sharks.

With a personalized slogan for tees, Shark Savers Malaysia & ZooBabies let your outfit do the talking. Put your thoughts on your t-shirt and be a mobile advocateur!


Shark Savers Malaysia (SSMY) is a non-profit, non-governmental membership-based organization formed in 2013 and was formally registered as an association under the Registrar of Society in 2016. SSMY is made up of like-minded people in their communities who work for sharks after office hours and on precious weekends, dedicated to saving sharks through building awareness, education, and grassroots action. 

It is the truest expression of a grass-roots volunteer led initiative. We believe one passionate volunteer is worth 10 paid employees. Everyone who has participated and contributed to the campaign, did so because they share the same devotion to make the world a better place from saving sharks. Everything that went into the making of and continued expansion of the campaign, from administering, studio time, photography, videography, manpower, creative work, celebrity endorsement, media placement, print work, collaterals was all done on a volunteer, pro bono basis.

Join the campaign and support by pledging Say NO to shark fin soup at :